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Lanxiang brief introduction

■ Company Overview:

Shandong Lanxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd, is a hi-tech enterprise specialized in environment treatment system engineering and energy saving and water saving intelligent equipment manufacturing. Covering the area of 200mu with the building area is 50,000m2, the company employs 300 associates with the annual sales revenue of 400million Yuan.    

■Development Orientation:

▶  Energy-saving and Water-saving: Cooling heat exchange equipment manufacturing and engineering

"Deep condensate water fog dispersal and environmental protection cooling tower series products take the lead in national industry with proprietary intellectual property rights (invention patent), remarkable effect of fog dispersal and water saving and advanced technology. This product also has been ranked the first in domestic market with many awards, including Shandong Famous products, Shandong Enterprise Technology Innovation Award, Weifang Science and Technology Progress Award, Weifang Patent Award and Weifang Major Achievements Award of Energy Conservation.

"Air Cooler series Products, ranking the first in same industry of Shandong Province with high efficient energy saving technology and excellent heat exchange effect. The products have also won awards including Shandong Famous products, Shandong Excellent Achievement award in energy conservation, Shandong enterprise technology Innovation award, Weifang Science and Technology Progress Award and Weifang Major Achievements Award of Energy Conservation.

▶  Environmental treatment: VOCs waste gas treatment equipment and engineering

VOCs waste gas treatment equipment series products rank the first nationwide with advanced processing technology, high efficiency and low operating energy consumption, making the company listed the member of VOCs treatment technology Group of petrochemical industry.

▶  Core technology of industrial research and development:

We are committed to the deep research innovation of the following several technologies including superconducting heat exchange technology, fluid energy saving technology, fog dispersal and water saving technology, water reuse technology and catalytic oxidation technology to keep our company more advanced in 2018 and the coming several years.

■ Our Clients:

Our clients include General Armament Department of People’s Liberation Army, China National Petroleum Corporation, SINOPEC, CNOOC, CHEMCHINA, China National Bluestar Group, Yankuang Group, Yihua Group, Jizhong Energy Group,Yantai Wanhua Polyurthanes Co., Ltd and Goodyear.

Research and development cooperation platform at home and abroad: we have cooperated with famous colleges and universities, research institutes and foreign institutions including Shandong University, Tianjin University, North China University of Water resources and Electric Power, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Bullking,Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Japan SHIMAKAWA SEISAKUSYO CO., LTD in recent years. Meanwhile, several research and development platforms have been established including the production, teaching & research cooperation base, joint research institute for energy saving and water saving, Research and Development Center for Atmospheric Control and Sino-Japan joint environmental protection Lab between Lanxiang and SEISAKUSYO.

■ Innovative platform:

The innovative platform has been applied and established including Shandong provincial enterprise technology center, Shandong one enterprise and one technology R&D center, Weifang Engineering technology research center, Weifang Key laboratory and Weifang Engineering Laboratory center. Besides, we have established the largest industrial Cooling equipment test platform in Jiangbei with the investment of about 5 million Yuan and the Research and development of products and achievements are placed in the lead level within China.

■ Talent Introduction:

Since the establishment of the company, we are committed to talent development and introduction. Until now, we have enjoyed a strong talent pool of experts and technicians, of which 1 full-time senior technical expert from PetroChina, 1 expert from Chemchina, 2 full-time doctors, 3 senior engineering, 14 full-time master’s degree graduates, 52 undergraduates and 64 full-time R&D technicians. After that, we have also 1 experts of National Thousand Talent program and 2 Provincial technology talents.

We have successfully declared to Participate in Western Economic Uplift and Poverty Alleviation talent plan, Weifang Industrial Leading Talent, which reflects the encouragement of Government to the talent introduction plan of our company.

■ Intellectual Property:

By the end of 2017, we have been awarded with 3+2 National Patents for Invention, 50+10 Utility Model Patents, 8 design patents, 2 Computer Software copyrights, 1 corporate standard, 3 rights of trademark registration and 2 provincial identification of Scientific Achievements.

■ Credentials and honors:

In recent years, the company has been certified with Quality, Occupational Health Safety, Environment, HSE, CTI, IQNET certification and Clean Production Acceptance. Besides, we have also gained other many licenses including License of Pressure Vessel Design and Manufacturing, National Production License of Dangerous goods packaging materials, Grade III Safety standardization, General Contract for electromechanical Installation, Special Contracting of Environmental Protection Engineering and Safety Registration of Air Cooler.

Lanxiang sets itself apart with many honors that are inclusive of but not limited to Shandong Enterprise of Integrity, Shandong Top 100 Enterprises of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, Shandong Innovation-based Private Enterprise, Shandong Invisible champion Enterprise, Shandong Enterprise of Material Advantage,Shandong Excellent Enterprise of Building Materials, Weifang Special Private Enterprise and The First quality Award of Anqiu.

Among many of its honors and awards, our products have won 2 Awards of Shandong Brand Products, Shandong Golden Bridge Award, Shandong Enterprise Technology Innovation Award, Shandong Excellent achievements Award of Energy Conservation, Weifang Science and Technology Progress Award and Weifang Patent Award.

■ Future planning:

We are committed to building Lanxiang as an innovation-based enterprise with independent technology, an entity enterprise with high quality, an excellent enterprise listed in IPO market, a brand-new enterprise with environmental-friendly and a new culture enterprise with harmony between human and enterprises.

We stay committed to the development philosophy of innovation-focused, steady development to increase science and technology input and talent training continuously in this respect. We remain dedicated to serving our customers and bringing benefit to the society with cutting-edge products and advanced energy efficient and eco-friendly concepts.