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Thoughts on the Outdoor Teambuilding Training of Lanxiang

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It was shiny day on April 29th. I had the opportunity to visit Shouguang Forest Ocean Wetland Park with the leaders and colleagues of Lanxiang where we had the outdoor teambuilding training. I was greatly inspired and benefited the cohesive force of our team during the training. My vision has been boarded and our friendship has been strengthened. I had the chance to know myself again and know everyone else again. Every one of us has its own advantage.

Rock climbing and shaking a rope with the efforts of all people were the most popular events.

Whether it was the old engineer who is over 50 or a young lady at her twenties, everyone tried to be the first in rock climbing. They conquered all difficulties and kept going forward. All of us performed our best.

When we shook the rope together, all of us worked so hard to shake the rope for more than 1,200 times in just 12 minutes, which was the highest record in this event, which Evenly praised by our coach. Everyone was so enthusiastic and sweaty, tired but happy! 

We were more closely bonded after the training. We appreciate such a great opportunity provided by the leaders of Lanxiang. Meanwhile, we appreciate the support and confidence shown by our teammates. We sincerely wish that the future of Lanxiang can be more prosperous and stronger!


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