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Chairman Xu and Other Leaders of Emerging Enterprises Accompanied Li Xinge, the Secretary of the Municipal CPC Committee to Visit Shenzhen

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Under the leadership of Li Xinge, the secretary of Anqiu’s municipal CPC committee, Chairman Xu Qinghua and other leaders of emerging enterprises visited Shenzhen in late March 2018.

The delegates visited several enterprises including Huawei, HeT, ZTE, Glory Medical and Tencent. Advanced experiences for corporate development such as thoughts on IoT, scientific and technological research, pattern innovation, connectivity, and strategic layout provide valuable references for the modern management, R&D innovation and smart manufacturing 

All delegates had been greatly benefited after the visit, but it is the key to apply the management knowledge to corporate management. Next, Lanxiang will convert the advanced experiences into the driving force for self-development, continue to strengthen the R&D of products, keep increasing the technological content and quality as a wat to help Lanxiang keep a good and rapid development with the transition from old to new growth drivers.


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