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Innovation-focused, steady development

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Conclusion and Commendation & Work Report regarding the Mobilization for the 

Transition from Old to New Growth Drivers, by Xu Qinghua, the President of Lanxiang

Respected leaders, and colleagues of different industries
        Hello! Shandong Lanxiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2003. It is a hi-tech enterprise professionally engaged in environmental governance engineering as well as smart energy and water-saving equipment. At present, the number of employees is 240, and the sales revenue in 2017 exceeded 200 million yuan, and paid more than 5 million yuan as tax. In recent years, we have been focusing on technological innovation and product R&D. We applied for the construction of several R&D platforms including “Shandong Corporate Technological Center” and “Weifang Engineering Technology Research Center” etc. The R&D level and achievements of Lanxiang have been leading throughout China. Now, the company is rated as A Successful Example of Transition to an Innovation-based Enterprise of Shandong, one of the Top 100 Energy-Saving and Environmental Enterprises of Shandong, A Invisible Champion of Shandong, and An Innovation-driven Private Enterprise of Shandong. The Lanxiang “deep Condensation Fog Dispersal and Eco-Friendly Cooling Tower” as well as “Pre-Cooling Evaporative Air Cooler” are recognized as “Shandong’s Famous Brand”.

In 2018, we will tightly grasp the opportunity of the transition from old to new growth drivers, and strengthen the R&D of new technologies, the implementation of new projects, the elevation of new industries, the introduction of new talented people, and the transformation and upgrade, making the company advance with the times and become better and stronger      

1.First, hold tight of opportunities to continuously promote the transformation, upgrade and development of the company. First of all, the company-university cooperation should be enhanced. Our profound cooperation with famous universities and scientific research institutes such as Shandong University and Tianjin University should be enhanced, realizing improvement and breakthrough in technologies including heat transfer via superconductivity, fluid energy conservation, fog dispersal and water-saving, water reuse, and catalytic oxidation, elevating the technical strength, industry competitiveness and market occupation comprehensively. Secondly, foreign cooperation should be strengthened. It is planned to introduce the new material technologies of Institute of Silicate of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, providing high-performance new material technologies and solutions in order to be involved in the development of Shandong’s “Smart Ocean”. Meanwhile, it is planned to introduce the brandnew hydromechanics analog computing system of Bullking, realizing full-process analog of engineered flow, offering technological support for product R&D and improvement. Thirdly, the platform construction should be expanded. It is planned to apply for the establishment of provincial R&D and innovative platform such as “Shandong Engineering Technology Research Center” by striving for funds, technological support and resource inclination on a higher level. We aim to secure a more than 50% annual sales revenue growth through technological innovation.

2.Second, take the chance to maintain the sound development to accelerate the landing of new projects. The transition from old to new growth drivers should be the emphasis, and the conversion of new technological R&D achievements should be strengthened. With the “Top Ten” industrial advantages and a scientific plan, we shall spare no efforts in managing new projects, keep promoting the conversion of R&D achievements, and launch more products of high technology content and good quality, trying to achieve more than 200million Yuan worth of investment within three years, and more than 600million Yuan worth of annual sales revenue. On the one hand, it is planned to introduce new high-end equipment and new material projects, and “green operation technological project for engineered flow” that aims for energy and water conservation, and “blue exhaustion technological project for industrial gases” that aims for environmental governance should be greatly developed. On the other hand, it is planned to construct advanced R&D and monitoring centers such as the test center for cooling and heat transfer equipment, joint lab for environmental monitoring, and new materials performance monitoring lab, offering the most advantaged guarantee for the high performance, high quality and advancement of products.

3.Third, attach importance to talents to keep strengthening the introduction of new people. We should actively attend high-end talent promotion meetings organized by the municipal government and organization department, and exchange meetings between universities and high-end talents, and we should introduce professional people who are highly educated and creative, building an innovative team with reasonable knowledge structure and solid professional foundation. In the next step, the company will apply for the construction of a “Workstation for Thousand Talents Program” and plans to introduce two overseas returnees to be a part of the R&D team. Also, three high-end management personnel from well-known Chinese enterprises will be introduced to reform the company’s operational patterns. Oriented training will be carried out, and training agreement will be signed with vocational colleges and it is planned to introduce 60 high-quality workers annually, ensuring that the human resource of the production department is sufficient and technically prepared. It is believed that a technological innovation mechanism and innovation system that see the company as the main subject and human resource as the core, and being guided by the market will be formed under the guidance of a high-level team as well as the learning and efforts of employees of Lanxiang, so that the company can be fully adapted to the “transition from old to new growth drivers” and become one of the representative “hi-tech enterprises” and lay a solid foundation for becoming a leading enterprise in environmental protection industry.
We stay committed to the development philosophy of innovation-focused, steady development to increase science and technology input and talent training continuously in this respect. We remain dedicated to serving our customers and bringing benefit to the society with cutting-edge products and advanced energy-efficient and eco-friendly concepts, making greater contributions to promote the high-quality development of Anqiu and built it as a modern         

Thank you!


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