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Technological Exchange Visit made by the CEO of BK Company to Lanxiang

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President Xu Qinghua met Benjamin Kopke, the CEO of BK Process Engineering Co., Ltd (referred to as BK Company), during his visit to Germany in early December 2017. Both sides had had a friendly meeting, and Mr. Benjamin agreed to visit Lanxiang soon for business cooperation.

At the invitation of Chairman Xu Qinghua, Mr. Benjamin Kopke, the CEO of BK Company visited Lanxiang for technological exchange on January 22nd, 2018. Both sides introduced the technological status, practical application as well as future development of each side. Multiple cooperation intentions were reached during this visit, and Lanxiang will introduce the latest and world-leading hydromechanics computing system via cooperation, which will be significantly profound for the R&D and technological innovation of subsequent cooling towers of Lanxiang.

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