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Compound evaporative air cooler

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Compound evaporative air cooler
  TEL:+86-536-4931668/   FAX:+86-536-4936539   Company address:No. 56 wenshui North Road, Anqiu Economic Development Zone, Shandong, China

Product application: :

 Application features: closed circulating medium condensation and cooling of compressor or all kind of Tower top during the production.  

Application industry: extensively apply to various industries including petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy and power stations.

Product specifications: customize the whole set of air cooler plan for clients based on different working conditions.


Operating principle: :

After the media entering the air cooler, the first level cooling is conducted at finned-tube section pre-cooling, and then the second level cooling is made by spraying water after entering into bottom light tube bundle, and finally the cooling is realized for the medium within the tube.

Technical advantages: :

High efficiency and energy saving: two stage cooling is applied, enjoying many advantages including high efficiency of heat transfer, small land occupied, small investment, energy saving and water saving, compact structure and easy installation.

High efficient water saving: unique multi-curved structure design is applied for Drift eliminator with high quality of aluminum alloy, the drift losses is less than 0.001%, which is featured by anti-aging, light-weight, easy cleaning and maintenance.

Uniformity in distribution: 304 stainless spiral multi-layer umbrella spray nozzle with high quality featured by large flow, evenly spraying and no-blocking. Cooling water film will be evenly distributed to the large extent into the cooling coil and its surroundings, elevating the coefficient of heat transfer.